Sermons on The Christian Life (Page 2)

Sermons on The Christian Life (Page 2)

What is Separation? (45 min)

PART 1 – Peter Scarsbrook opens a series of 8 messages on the topic of ‘separation’ and begins by defining what Biblical separation is. He first contrasts it with two unscriptural extremes – isolation, on the one hand, and integration on the other. He then outlines the truth of separation from 2 Cor 6:13-18 before finally pointing to 4 principles that inform a Christian’s separation: 1. The character of God, 2. The cross, 3. The Word of God and 4.…

The Christian, Movies and Social Media (47 min)

Should Christians watch movies? Should Christians be on social media? Michael Penfold applies the timeless principles of the Word of God to these two issues. He discusses content, worldviews, actors, acting and fiction in relation to movies. As to social media he looks at privacy, addiction, depression and narcissism. With adult Americans spending an average of 10 hours and 39 minutes of each day on leisure screen time, this is one of the greatest challenges of our day and generation…

The Christian and Time Management (44 min)

Joshua Jacob preaches on the challenge of personal devotion and assembly commitment in a busy fast-paced world. Reading from 1 Chron 27:25-31 and Eph 5:13-18 Josh majors on the topic of “redeeming the time” and outlines numerous ways in which this can be done and the provision the Lord has made to help us in this great task (Message preached 15th Mar 2018)

The Christian and Personal Testimony (41 min)

Robert Plant preaches on the topic of “witnessing for Christ by life and by lip”. He takes up three roles of the Christian from the New Testament – a soldier, an evangelist and an ambassador – and draws various lessons as to how we should conduct ourselves before the world and how we can effectively evangelise among our work colleagues and neighbours (Message preached 8th Mar 2018)

The Christian and Temptation (49 min)

Jonathan Black preaches on the topic of ‘temptation to sin’ under three headings: the order of temptation (from Gen 3:1-7); overcoming the temptation of Egypt (1 Cor 10:1-13) and Christ the great overcomer (from Luke 4:1-4). He outlines the strategy of Satan from Eden onwards, as well as the role of the world and the flesh in the solemn matter of temptation, finishing with some comments on a vital NT verse, Romans 13:14 (Message preached 1st Mar 2018)

The Christian in the Workplace (41 min)

Tom West preaches on the Christian and the workplace under 4 headings – God’s wisdom in providing the workplace, the worth of the believer in the workplace; the Christian’s well-being in the workplace; and, witnessing in the workplace. He refers to Joseph, Daniel and Samuel as three men who faced danger in the workplace; moral, social and religious danger respectively (Message preached 22nd Feb 2018)

The Christian and The Bible (44 min)

Mervyn Hall preaches on the purpose and value of the Bible for the Christian in today’s world. It is a “light” that enables us to “look out” and employ a Biblical worldview. It is also a “lamp” with which to “look down” and be guided in our Christian walk. Finally it is a “mirror” with which to “look in” – it corrects, challenges and rebukes us and causes us to seek to be more holy and more like our Saviour…

Christ and the Villages of Galilee (46 min)

PART 5 – Colin Hutchison preaches on some of the movements and miracles of Christ in and around the villages of Galilee. He opens up a number of very helpful lines of ministry in connection with the 4 gospels and their links with the Pentateuch. The bulk of his message concentrates on 4 miracles, one from each gospel, and the spiritual lessons to be learned therefrom for the Christian life (Message preached 29th Oct 2017)

Cain and Nod (43 min)

PART 4 – Colin Hutchison preaches on Cain in the land of Nod (Gen 4:16-26). He expounds the origin of the line of Cain, and how that line develops in the record given in the Bible. From Gen 4 he shows the origin of the godless world of commerce, music and the arts. In contrast to the world’s godless self-glorifying music, the next time we read of music is Exod 15, where the people of God sing about redemption (Message…

David and Gath (51 min)

PART 3 – Colin Hutchison preaches on David’s visit to ‘Philistine country’ in 1 Sam 21. The Philistines are a picture of unconverted religious men who suppress the Word of God and seek to overthrow God’s order. Mixing with them brought danger and compromise for David, as it will for us. How to overcome the Philistines is highlighted from the lives of Shamgar, the younger David and from Samson (Message preached 28th Oct 2017)

Samuel and Ramah (45 min)

PART 2 – Colin Hutchison preaches on Ramah, the town where Samuel lived, and judged and worshipped. Ramah means “the place of elevation”, so Colin teaches from 1 Samuel 7 how to “live a higher life”, “exercise a higher judgment” and “engage in higher worship”. He finds 4 principles under each topic as he works through the chapter. A helpful, challenging message, especially in relation to communion with Christ (Message preached 27th Oct 2017)

Jacob and Bethel (56 min)

PART 1 – Colin Hutchison preaches on lessons that Jacob learned at Bethel, the house of God. He likens Jacob’s experience in Genesis Ch 28 to that of a person in the present day who understands, by revelation from the Word of God, what a local assembly is – the place where God dwells. Colin tells the story of how he personally came to understand the truth of the house of God and challenges his audience to have convictions of…

John The Baptist’s Preaching Points (38 min)

Mervyn Hall brings a challenging message from three of John the Baptist’s “preaching points”. He outlines John’s purpose in the wilderness, his perspective at Bethabara (“the house of the ford”) and his persistence in the Palace, when preaching to Herod. Pertinent and poignant lessons are drawn from these narratives that guide us in our own 21st century gospel endeavour (Message preached June 1st 2017)

Believing the Impossible (40 min)

Michael Penfold preaches a message to encourage the weary Christian. He highlights three Bible characters: one who believed the impossible, another who saw the invisible, and a third who understood the inscrutable. Despite their internal frailties and external difficulties, these exemplary men lived by faith and overcame. May God give us help in our weariness to do the same (Message preached May 25th 2017)

Care-free Christianity (47 min)

John Salisbury expounds the secret of “care-free Christianity” from Matthew 6:1-7:11. Worry and anxiety seem to be part and parcel of our busy modern lives, yet the Lord Jesus in His Sermon on the Mount gives practical teaching on how to live care-free lives – lives lived in the enjoyment of a personal relationship with God as our Father. A most helpful and insightful exposition of Scripture (Message preached 18th May 2017)

The Mount of Olives (38 min)

Thomas West preaches on the topic of the Mount of Olives in relation to the Lord Jesus. The Mount of Olives is where the Lord “went apart”, was “alone”, was “arrested”, from where he “ascended” and to where He will “arrive” on His return. An instructive and practical look at this interesting subject. Readings: John 7, Matt 26, Acts 1 and Zech 14 (Message preached May 11th 2017)

The Battle of the Ages (42 min)

Jonathan Black preaches on the battle of the ages between “the woman’s seed” and “the devil’s seed”. He starts at Gen 3:15 (the Bible’s first prophecy) and works his way through to the book of Revelation, demonstrating that despite the unrelenting and frequent attempts of Satan to attack and destroy “the woman’s seed”, Christ’s eventual and total triumph is sure and certain (Message preached May 4th 2017)

Moses the Intercessor (28 min)

Aaron Colgan preaches on “Moses the intercessor” from Exod 32. He outlines the 3 oft-repeated “steps away from God” taken by people throughout history, and likens the dreadful condition of Israel at the base of Mount Sinai (worshipping the golden calf) to the condition of our nation today. How Aaron and Moses reacted to this crisis revealed the difference between compromise on the one hand and godly firm leadership on the other (Message preached 27th April 2017)

Good King Josiah (38 min)

Peter Scarsbrook preaches on “good King Josiah” and draws lessons from the last great revival King of Judah. Though set a poor example by his father, and though young when he ascended to the throne, God mightily used the “boy King” to bring revival to God’s people (Message given 20th Apr 2017)

What Church Should I Join? (38 min)

PART 4 – Christians need a spiritual home. The Bible speaks of Christians being “gathered in the name of the Lord Jesus” (Matt 18:20). In this message, Peter Scarsbrook looks at the truth of being part of a “local assembly”. Basing his remarks on Acts 2:42 he speaks of an assembly’s “foundation”, its “formation”, and a number of its vital “features”. If you are looking for scriptural guidance about assembly fellowship you will find this message helpful (Message preached 11th…

What Wilt Thou Have Me to Do? (41 min)

PART 3 – You’ve been saved, so what comes next? When Saul was saved on the road to Damascus his first question was, “Lord, what wilt Thou have me to do?” He was seeking to be consecrated and devoted to the Lord! In this message Peter Scarsbrook uses Paul’s life as an example of what it means to be totally dedicated to the Lord and explains how a new believer can begin to please the Lord in obedience and service…

The Three Enemies of the Christian (43 min)

PART 2 – Know your enemy! It is essential that the Christian be aware of the direction from which dangers and attacks will come along life’s journey to heaven. Peter Scarsbrook explains that the Bible reveals three enemies – “the world”, “the flesh” and “the Devil”. Learn what the Bible has to say about conflict with these adversaries and how to overcome in the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit. Peter outlines the armour of the Christian from Ephesians Chapter…

The Blessings of Being Saved (42 min)

PART 1 – What happened when you got saved? Peter Scarsbrook preaches on five of the blessings that became true of you the moment you were saved. 1) You became eternally secure, 2) You were indwelt by the Holy Spirit, 3) You became part of the church which is His body, 4) You joined the family of God and 5) Your nationality changed as you became a citizen of heaven. This is a beginner’s guide to the blessings of salvation,…

Four Kinds of Trials (46 min)

EASTER CONF 2015 – Colin Hutchinson preaches on 4 kinds of trials in the Christian life from Peter’s first epistle. In a wide ranging message he takes some of the experiences of Elijah, Gideon, Hannah, John the Baptist, Peter and others to show how through “manifold temptations” they were tried by fire and came forth as gold. A powerful and sobering message (Message preached April 6th 2015)

Guidelines for Godliness – Part 4 (56 min)

Andrew Ussher preaches on “godliness demonstrated in a fruitful Christian life” under 3 headings: desiring fruit, defining fruit and developing fruit. God is looking for fruit in our lives, but this should not be defined in terms of mere activity. It is primarily an issue of character development as Christ is formed in each believer and the fruits of the Spirit are manifested – and not by human efforts, but by divine working (Message preached 15th Mar 2015)

Guidelines for Godliness – Part 2 (50 min)

Andrew Ussher preaches on “godliness developed in the lives of believers”. He outlines his remarks under 3 headings: the pursuit, promise and practice of godliness. Godliness isn’t automatic! While believers must flee from the manifestations of the flesh, they must actively pursue godliness (1 Tim 6:11). Christians are encouraged to see that godliness is not only of value in the life which is to come, but also in “the life that now is” (1 Tim 4:8) (Message preached 14th Mar…

Guidelines for Godliness – Part 3 (56 min)

Andrew Ussher preaches on “godliness in womanhood”. While men and women are equal in essence and equal in spiritual standing as justified before God, in the order of headship God has outlined different roles for male and female. Though not given a public role in the local assembly, Andrew shows from 1 Tim 5:9-10 & 14 that “women professing godliness” have a vital and significant role to play, a role esteemed and valued by the Lord (Message preached 14th Mar…

Guidelines for Godliness – Part 1 (56 min)

Andrew Ussher introduces the subject of godliness, which he defines as “the character of God demonstrated in living human experience”. Taking up 1 Tim 3:16 he shows how the character of God was revealed in the person and life of Christ as it had never been seen before, hence “the mystery of godliness”. He closes with a look at some of the “fruits of the Spirit” in the Lord’s life – My joy, My peace, My love (Message preached 13th…

David, a Man After God’s Own Heart (25 min)

Colin Raggett preaches on the young David’s experiences – after the prophet Samuel anointed him King in Jesse’s house – when he became the object of King Saul’s jealousy and rage. The dire and dangerous situation David faced was a time of “growth in his soul”. Such are the Lord’s designs with us when He brings us into difficulties and trial (Message preached 25th Jan 2015)

Ruth and Boaz (41 min)

Alan Barber preaches on the godly character of Ruth the Moabite, who came to know and trust in the God of Israel. Alan takes up numerous practical lessons from the events recorded in Ruth Chs 1 and 2, especially the move of Elimelech and Naomi to Moab, the disaster that ensued, and the gracious recovery granted by the Lord which then brought Ruth into such blessing (Message preached 23rd Oct 2014)

The Worship of a Young Person (45 min)

Part 5 – The Worship of a Young Person – John Dennison preaches on the vital subject of worship and gives guidelines for worship from the life of Isaac. He warns against the twin extremes in worship of emotional excess on the one hand (Ur) and of dry mechanical ritual (Haran) on the other. He explains that God is as interested in how we worship as to the content of our worship. There must be separation, and preparation if there…

The Wedding of a Young Person (48 min)

Part 4 – The Wedding of a Young Person – John Dennison preaches on some scriptural keys to a godly marriage based on the narrative of Mary and Joseph. What was Mary taking into account as she considered marrying Joseph? His maturity, masculinity, testimony, history, spirituality and responsibility. After all, Joseph was to become responsible for Mary’s physical, emotional, moral, financial and spiritual care – no small matter. The challenge? If you’d like to marry a Joseph, be a Mary!…

The Watchfulness of a Young Person (51 min)

Part 3 – The Watchfulness of a Young Person – John Dennison preaches a searching message on “overcoming temptation”, based on the story of Joseph from Genesis 39. Joseph faced dangers from society, from his history, from his attractiveness, from a predatory woman in a position of power – and all while he was alone and far from home. How did Joseph overcome? John Dennison outlines a number of defences that were in place that preserved Joseph and can preserve…

The Waiting of a Young Person (48 min)

Part 2 – The Waiting of a Young Person – John Dennison asks “What is the secret to knowing God’s will?” He gives clear and helpful Biblical guidance on this vital subject, drawing heavily from the experience of the disciples in Acts 1. He emphasises the need for obedience, prayer and patience, and reminds his audience that God is “as interested in the process of us learning His will, as in the product of us doing His will.” John discusses…

The Walk of a Young Person (49 min)

Part 1 – The Walk of a Young Person – John Dennison asks “Is it possible for a young person to walk with God while surrounded on every hand by a godless 21st century western culture?” Yes it is, and Enoch’s example in Genesis 5 shows us how. But what does a walk with God look like? How can I focus on what is pleasing to the Lord, in a self-centred world? John Dennison give sound Biblical counsel and fervent…

The Feeding of the 5,000 (47 min)

Dan Rudge preaches on the feeding of the 5,000 from the Gospel of John. He works through John 6:1-13 drawing out numerous spiritual truths and practical lessons for his audience. Faced with an overwhelming need and a scant supply, take encouragement from what the Lord is able to do! (Message preached 26th June 2014)

He Endured! (36 min)

EASTER CONF 2014 – Ian Jackson preaches on the endurance of Christ in the face of the “contradiction of sinners against Himself” and urges his audience to likewise endure, looking to Him and considering Him (Message preached 19th Apr 2014)

Sayings of the Heart – Part 3 (43 min)

Richard Catchpole preaches on the last two of six “sayings of the heart” from Deuteronomy (Ch 18:21 and 29:19). The fifth concerns the serious issue of discerning between true and false prophets; the sixth deals with defiance of the Lord’s words. Numerous pertinent and important issues are addressed in this message (Message preached 25th Oct 2013)

Sayings of the Heart – Part 2 (40 min)

Richard Catchpole preaches on the third and fourth of six “Sayings of the heart” from Deuteronomy (Ch 9:4 and 15:9). The third was a saying based on self-righteousness, relating to how God had treated His people; the fourth was a saying based on selfishness, relating to how God’s people treated each other (Message preached 18th Oct 2013)

Sayings of the Heart – Part 1 (37 min)

Richard Catchpole preaches on the first two of six “Sayings of the heart” that the people of God were tempted to say in Deuteronomy (Ch 7:17 and 8:17). The first was a saying of fear concerning the power of the nations of Canaan; the second was a saying of pride once victory would have been gained. Practical lessons are drawn from these interesting sayings (Message preached 11th Oct 2013)

5 Metaphors for the Word of God (28 min)

Mervyn Hall preaches on 5 of the metaphors for the Word of God, given in the Bible. The 5 are “milk” (versatility), “bread” (energy), “water” (purity), “meat” (quality) and “honey” (remedy). He urges his audience to take care with their “spiritual diet” (Message preached 15th Sept 2013)

A Real, Risen, Returning Christ (26 min)

Michael Penfold compares the epistles of Paul, Peter and John, men who wrote of faith, hope and love respectively. Each was an eye-witness…to the resurrection, to the transfiguration and the incarnation. They urge us, in turn, to believe in a risen Christ, to hope in a returning Christ and to love a real Christ (Message preached 4th Aug 2013)

Zacharias, Elizabeth and John the Baptist (34 min)

Alan Barber preaches on the lives and testimonies of Zacharias and Elizabeth, and their son John the Baptist. He challenges his audience with various features of their godly lives and draws lessons from incidents connected with these three characters in the gospels of Luke and John (Message preached 2nd May 2013)

Aspects of the Ministry of Christ as High Priest (24 min)

James Armstrong speaks on 4 things that Christ does for us as our Great High Priest. He bears four burdens: Ex 28:12 “their names on his shoulders” (our security), 28:29 “their names on his heart” (our sympathy) 28:30 “the urim and thummim” (our guidance), and 28:38 “the holy mitre” (our acceptance) (Message preached 13th Jan 2013)

Sit, Walk and Stand (29 min)

Bert Cargill preaches from the epistle to the Ephesians on three things a Christian can do at once – sit in heavenly places; walk in love and stand against the evil one. A practical and helpful word of ministry bringing needed truth to remembrance – 29 min (Message preached 9th Sept 2012)

Going for Gold (22 min)

John McCann preaches on “going for gold”. He gives a challenging word on “gold and our worship” (Matt 2), “gold and our work” (1 Cor 3) and “gold and our wealth” (Rev 2). He emphasises the need for quality, not quantity, in service for God (Message preached 25th March 2012)

The Sin of Jealousy (49 min)

Philip Kaye preaches on the sin of Miriam and Aaron in Numbers 12. Behind their complaint against Moses in connection with marriage lay a deeper issue – a jealous and critical spirit, bent on bringing him down from the position that God had given him. A challenging message on how jealousy and bitterness can hinder an assembly’s progress (Message preached 16th Feb 2012)

Progress in Ruth (18 min)

Lindsay Carswell preaches on “progress in the life of Ruth”. Ruth Ch. 1 – the famine. Ch. 2 – parched corn. Ch. 3 – six measures of barley and Ch 4. – a son. Lindsay challenges his audience – are we making progress as Christians? (Message preached 18th Dec 2011)

The Road to Emmaus (38 min)

Alan Barber preaches on the “Road to Emmaus” journey recorded in Luke 24. Likening this walk to the Christian’s “daily walk with the Lord”, Alan draws numerous challenging practical lessons for his audience (Message preached 10th Nov 2011).

Excuses and Compromises (42 min)

Norman Mellish preaches a stirring and powerful message on the challenge of Christian service, separation and consecration, drawn from the narrative of the ‘Exodus from Egypt’ and highlighting the “excuses of Moses” and the “compromises of Pharoah” as recorded in the early chapters of book of Exodus, as a battle raged for the destiny of God’s people Israel (Message preached 29th Oct 2011).

7 Tests of Genuineness (31 min)

Norman Mellish preaches on “Seven tests of genuineness” from the 1st epistle of John. He challenges his audience to be sure that their talk (“If we say”) is commensurate with their walk (Message preached 28th Oct 2011).

The Action Sermons of Jeremiah (45 min)

Nitish Patel preaches on the “action sermons of Jeremiah”. A refreshing word of ministry on a neglected portion of scripture, which includes exhortations concerning the gospel message and practical Christian living and testimony (Message preached 22nd Sept 2011)

Precious to the Lord (42 min)

Alan Barber brings a devotional message about four of the Bible’s widows, whose service and character were precious to the Lord. The welcoming widow of Zarephath who looked after Elijah in 1 Kings 17; the witnessing widow, Anna the prophetess, in Luke 2; the weeping widow of Nain in Luke 7: and the worshipping widow of Mark 12 who gave all that she had. (Message preached September 2011)

The Godly Disciplines of the Local Assembly (28 min)

Kevin Oh preaches from Acts 2, 5 and 11 on the godly disciplines involved in being in assembly fellowship; faithfulness to the scriptures, fellowship with the saints, fear in the soul and fidelity to the Saviour (Message preached 7th July 2011)

The Godly Discipline of the Mind (40 min)

Simon Hall preaches on the godly discipline of the Christian mind from Ephesians 4. He speaks of the sinner’s mind, the saint’s mind and the Saviour’s mind, and emphasises the humility, purity and activity that should mark our minds (Messages preached 30th June 2011)

The Godly Discipline of Fruit-bearing (42 min)

Gordon Stewart preaches on the godly discipline of fruit-bearing in the Christian life. John Ch 15 presents Christ as the Vine and believers as branches and describes ways in which the Lord designs to produce fruit, more fruit and much fruit for His glory (Message preached 23rd June 2011)

The Godly Discipline of Discipleship (53 min)

John Salisbury preaches on the godly discipline of discipleship and brings to bear the very challenging issue of self-denial, which the Lord Jesus puts at the heart of “following Me” (Message preached 16th June 2011)

The Discipline of Work (42 min)

David Dalton preaches on the godly discipline of work. He highlights the responsibilities of the Christian in the workplace and in the duties of the servant-master sphere (Message preached 9th June 2011)

The Discipline of Giving to the Lord (45 min)

Norman Mellish preaches on the discipline of giving, highlighting that the giving of believers should be systematic, secret, proportionate, sacrificial and cheerful. He brings out numerous helpful and practical lessons from Exodus 34 (Message preached 2nd June 2011)

The Lily on the Mountain (47 min)

Robert Plant introduces the Messianic Psalms, before preaching through the glorious Psalm 45, the Maschil Psalm of the lily on the mountain. He draws out the various Messianic themes in this glorious Psalm about our glorious King, the Lord Jesus Christ (Message preached in Bicester in 2011).

The Discipline of Parenting (56 min)

Marcus Hall delivers a helpful message on the discipline of godly parenting. He takes examples from Old and New Testaments and gives wise advice to parents and grandparents on the vital subject of raising children (Message preached 26th May 2011)

The Discipline of Bible Study (48 min)

Scott Dunn preaches on the discipline of Bible study. He asks three questions: why, when and how one should study the Bible. He uses Hebrews chapter 7 as an illustration and traces back to Psalm 110 and Genesis 14 (Message preached 12th May 2011)

The Discipline of Worship (37 min)

David West preaches on the spiritual discipline of worship. He defines worship, and outlines its motivation, meditation, preparation and presentation from Psalm 45. He gives a list of very helpful practical hints in relation to the conduct of the breaking of bread meeting (Message preached 28th April 2011)

The Believer and Failure (41 min)

Sandy Higgins preaches on “the believer and failure”. He describes the four main failures of Jacob…personal, public, as a parent and as a partner, and exhorts his audience to repentance and recovery (Message preached 21st Oct 2010)

The Believer and Fruitfulness (41 min)

Sandy Higgins preaches on “the believer and fruitfulness”. He takes up John 15 in a very useful and helpful way; activity, abundance, abiding and asking. The goal? Likeness to Christ (Message preached 20th Oct 2010)

The Believer and Faith (43 min)

Sandy Higgins preaches on “the believer and faith” from Mark 13:28-44. He presses the need for intellectual, emotional and bodily loyalty to the Lord in the face of the world’s attack on our faith (Message preached 19th Oct 2010)

The Believer and Foes (46 min)

Sandy Higgins preaches on “the believer and foes”. He expounds on the three enemies we face – the world, the flesh and the devil – from James Ch. 4. An excellent word of ministry (Message preached 18th Oct 2010)

The Believer and Food (28 min)

Sandy Higgins preaches on “the believer and food”. He outlines, from 1 Peter chapters 1 and 2, the characteristics of the word of God and how the believer can best read, study, meditate on and enjoy it (Message preached 17th Oct 2010)

The Believer and Fellowship (42 min)

Sandy Higgins preaches on “the believer and fellowship”. He stresses the need to be like John the apostle – to relish nearness to Christ and to enjoy the rest, refuge, revelation and refreshment it brings (Message preached 16th Oct 2010)

The Power of Influence (25 min)

Stan Wells brings a challenging insightful word of ministry on the power of influence. How are we influencing others and how are others influencing us – in the home, the family, the assembly and the world (MInistry given on Aug 30th 2009)

Gathering Unto His Name (38 min)

Michael Penfold preaches on the meaning of the Biblical expression “gathering in the name of the Lord” and its implication for local assembly testimony (Message preached Dec 13th 2007)

Walking in the Fear of God (40 min)

Marcus Hall preaches on the meaning of the Biblical concept of “fearing the Lord”. This is a vital subject and one that is subject to widespread misunderstanding (Message preached Dec 6th 2007)

Walking in the Spirit (42 min)

Gordon Stewart preaches on the meaning of the Biblical command to “walk in the Spirit”, giving helpful guidance for living the Christian life so as to please the Lord (Message preached Nov 29th 2007)

Overcoming the World (42 min)

Peter Scarsbrook preaches on the vital subject of “overcoming the world” from the first epistle of John. Helpful guidance is given on this important topic (Message preached Nov 22nd 2007)

What it Means to be a Believer (40 min)

BELIEVERS – Michael Penfold preaches on “What it means to be a believer”. He speaks about empty, spurious, intellectual and superficial faith before outlining the object, nature and results of true saving faith (Message preached 18th Oct 2007)

What It Means to be a Son of God (40 min)

SONS – Norman Mellish preaches on “What it means to be a son”. He expounds on the position and dignity of believers as ‘sons of God’, heirs of God and joint-heirs with Jesus Christ (Message preached 4th Oct 2007)

What it Means to be a Pilgrim (39 min)

PILGRIMS – Peter Scarsbrook preaches on “What it means to be a pilgrim, a stranger and an ambassador”. The vital but neglected truth of the pilgrim character of the Christian is helpfully expounded and applied (Message preached 20th Sept 2007)

What it Means to be a Saint (34 min)

SAINTS – Joshua Jacob preaches on “What it means to be a saint”. He outlines the concept of sanctification and the implications of each believer having been “set apart” to God (Message preached 13th Sept 2007)

Relationships Part 5 – Masters and Servants (41 min)

Relationships (Part 5) – Josh Jacob outlines the Bible’s teaching on the relationship between servants and masters, or as we would now say “employers and employees”. Biblical guidelines for maintaining a good testimony in the wordplace (2007)

Relationships Part 4 – Elders and the Flock (50 min)

Relationships (Part 4) – Marcus Hall outlines the Bible’s teaching on the relationship between assembly elders and the flock over which then Holy Spirit has made them overseers. A vital, warm and discerning message from an experienced elder (2007)

Relationships Part 3 – God and Man (42 min)

Relationships (Part 3) – Peter Scarsbrook preaches on various aspects of the relationship between God and man. Personal Christianity rises or falls on the reality or otherwise of this vital, all-important and primary relationship (2007)

Relationships Part 1 – Husbands and Wives (48 min)

Relationships (Part 1) – John Salisbury outlines the Bible’s teaching on the nature, purpose and function of the husband and wife relationship. A Biblical restatement of this foundational, important and creatorial issue is vital and is carefully expounded here (2007)
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