Sermons on Gospel Messages

Sermons on Gospel Messages

VIDEO: “The Heart, the Will and the Mind”

Attempting to explain who we are and how we behave, the social sciences offer a multitude of hopelessly contradictory theories about the nature of humankind. In “The Heart, the Will and the Mind” watch Tom West as he outlines the Bible’s unerringly accurate diagnosis of the human condition – and the only answer to it (16 min).

VIDEO: The Most Common Objection to God – Answered

Of all the reasons people give for not believing in God, one is by far and away the most popular. Ask atheists why they don’t believe in God and they’ll nearly always raise one particular objection. Watch Michael Penfold address both the substance and the motivation behind this obstacle to faith (14 min).

VIDEO: Do You Trust The News? (16 min)

Polls suggest that 75% of us do not believe what we read in the news. Why are we so distrustful and cynical? And if we can’t trust the news, who or what can we trust? Watch Mervyn Hall speaking on the “trustworthy saying” in 1 Tim 1:15 that is worthy of your full confidence (16 min).