Sermons from October 2020

Sermons from October 2020

Part 3 – How to Communicate the Gospel (43 min)

In the third of a 4-part series of messages on gospel communication, Michael Penfold speaks on how to prepare a gospel message. First, the preacher needs to be prepared, then the sermon. Michael outlines the three main genres of sermons before discussing the preparation process and how to structure a message, providing helpful hints that should benefit young men who are starting out.  Readings: Rom 1:16-17, 1 Cor 2:1-5, 1 Tim 4:13-16, 2 Tim 3:15, 4:1-5 (Message given in Northampton,…

“I Said the Rosary Every Night” (34 min)

Butch Paquette grew up in a drunkard’s home in a poor community in Northern Ontario, Canada. After his father left, young Butch’s mother raised 7 children alone, reciting the rosary with them each evening at bedtime. Though an altar boy in the church, Butch became a troubled young lad who ended up spending time in numerous foster homes. Life went from bad to worse, leading to a number of visits to prison. But God worked in Butch’s life and in…

I Didn’t Really Care if I Lived or Died (24 min)

Theodore Chiasson, born and raised in a Roman Catholic home in Cape Breton Island, Canada, relates his story of conversion as a 24 year old young man back in the 1970’s, after hearing the gospel for the very first time. Theodore had a wholesome God-fearing childhood, but at college he went into drugs and ended up disillusioned and empty. Then a Christian witnessed to him and gave him a Bible…and the Lord saved him that same day! (Testimony given in…

The Place (28 min)

Jonathan Procopio preaches on the importance of the place that “God has told us of”. He’s referring to the local assembly and the need to appreciate that this “place” has been revealed in Scripture by the Lord so that we can recognise it and be faithful to it. Jonathan draws this lesson from the picture of Abraham going to the “place of God’s appointing” in Genesis 22:1-18 (Message preached at the Island Conference, Prince Edward Island, Canada, 2013).

Part 2 – How to Communicate the Gospel (55 min)

In the second of a 4-part series of messages on gospel communication, Michael Penfold lays out the essential content of the gospel message. He gives a three-fold proof from Scripture that “the gospel” consists of the three “R’s” – man’s ruin (sin), God’s remedy (Christ crucified) and man’s responsibility (repent and believe). The rest of the message is taken up explaining how to effectively preach man’s ruin (that he might be brought to repentance) and how to preach the cross…

The Circuit of the Sun (20 min)

Preaching from the 19th Psalm, David Gilliland compares God’s revelation in the sky with God’s revelation in the Bible: as to its vastness, its variety, its voice, its value, and its verity. Mr Gilliland makes a second comparison: he compares the daily circuit of the sun with the journey of the One, our Lord Jesus Christ, who came from God and went to God (Message given at Sussex Gospel Hall conference, Canada, 2017)

7 Wonders about the Church (42 min)

Joe Merson (1921-1996) grew up in a Christian family, the youngest of 9 children, in the picturesque coastal village of Sandend (pictured above), Scotland, but sadly he rebelled against his godly upbringing. Returning home drunk one night, he nearly drowned – an experience that awakened him to his danger of perishing, soon after which he was converted to Christ. He was later commended to the Lord’s work full time and gave the rest of his life in gospel endeavour and…

Part 1 – How To Communicate the Gospel (41 min)

In the first of a 4-part series of messages on gospel communication, Michael Penfold takes up the subject of “the divine method of communication”. He shows from Scripture that God has not only given us a message, but a method: preaching. He outlines 4 ways in which preaching is superior to the performing arts in communicating the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. If you think “preaching doesn’t work any more”, you need to listen to this message! Readings: Mark…

Fear Not (31 min)

Struggling with discouragement, anxiety, despair or worry? Feel like throwing in the towel? Are the mountains huge, the skies dark, and the rivers deep? Andrew Ussher preaches on the expression “fear not” and expounds 7 simple clear reasons why we do not need to give into despair and anxiety. Reading: Isaiah 43.1-5 (Message given in Sussex Gospel Hall conference, New Brunswick, Canada, 2019)

Bleeding for the Sheep (33 min)

Jon Procopio preaches a powerful message on the responsibilities of the sheep in an assembly, and the corresponding responsibilities of the shepherds (the elders). Working from John Ch 10, Jonathan’s 4 headings are, 1. Read the sheep; 2. Lead the sheep; 3. Feed the sheep, and 4. Bleed for the sheep. This is a deeply impactful message originally preached in North America. It will repay careful listening. Readings: John 10:1-5, 9-18, 27-30.

Understanding Spiritual Freedom (54 min)

David Gilliland expounds the truth of spiritual freedom. What is freedom? What is legalism? Is man free? Does God’s law restrict human freedom? Are people really free if they’re allowed to do whatever they want? These and other fascinating questions are examined in this helpful message under 5 headings: 1. The origin and overthrow of liberty; 2. The obtaining and offer of liberty; 3. The opponents and obstacles to liberty; 4. The obligations and operation of liberty; and 5. The…

Egypt to Canaan (Part 7)

PART 7 of 7 – In the final part of this series, John Grant preaches a message on the group of tribal kings that set out to try and stop Israel entering the land. The king of Edom, Sihon king of the Amorites, Og king of Bashan and others. These kings represent enemies that try to defeat us in our Christian walk and progress, enemies such as the flesh, materialism, ease and strife. Another powerful and helpful study from author…
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