Frank Knox – H.A.T.H spells “hath”! (57 min)

Frank Knox – H.A.T.H spells “hath”! (57 min)

The evangelist Frank Knox (1884-1975) preached annually for many years in a large Tent in Belfast to thousands of people. His labours were blessed with many souls being awakened and delivered, even as World War 2 raged on. His own story of conversion, recounted by Mr Knox in this old recording, is full of interest and power. Awakened to see he was “condemned already” – under the preaching of David Rea and Alex Jardine – Mr Knox was finally saved on the roof of a building in Co Donegal, Ireland, through the words of John 3:36, “He that believeth hath”. He later wrote a poem to describe his experience:

I love to speak of Jesus – that Name how sweet it sounds,
Oh, tell it out ye faithful to earth’s remotest bounds;
I love to speak of Jesus and what He’s done for me,
’Twas in the year 1905, September twenty three.

I do remember well the day when out on pleasure bent,
I got an invitation to a meeting in a tent;
So just to please the person I decided to go in,
No love for God or Christ had I, for I was dead in sin.

I was careless and indifferent whene’er I entered there,
But ere that meeting ended I was almost in despair;
John, Chapter 3, and verse 18, was the text the speaker chose,
When scenes of death and judgment before my vision rose.

“Condemned already,” fearful words, they fixed me to the seat,
Struck terror to me when I thought ’tis God I have to meet;
Four weeks I struggled in the dark, and light I could not see,
I longed to know how to be saved, and from my sins be free.

I then left Belfast City for the County Donegal,
And the God of Grace was with me, and He overruled it all;
For whilst engaged at work one day a letter I received,
And as I read its contents o’er, I on the Lord believed.

H-A-T-H – those letters four were simply underlined,
I just took in what God had said, and made His promise mine;
Now many years have gone since then, and Christ remains the same,
Eternal life He gives to those who trust His Blessed Name.

And so I came to Jesus while standing on the roof,
And in this good old Bible I have the blessed proof;
While passing through this wicked world of sin, and woe, and strife,
He that believeth on the Son HATH everlasting life.

Saved by the blood of Jesus, kept by His power alone,
This my glorious privilege – seeking to make Him known;
And when I see my Saviour I’ll praise His Blessed Name,
For the love that stooped to save me from sin and death and shame.

Oh, sinner trust in Jesus, He’ll make your life anew,
And then at home in glory you’ll praise the Saviour too;
Yes, you and I together, in heavenly mansions bright,
Will bless the Lord that saved us from hell’s eternal night.

Oh, sinners don’t reject Him, but trust Him now to-day,
Hast thou not travelled long enough the broad and crowded way?
In grace He waits to save you from dark impending doom,
And take you home to be with Him in His eternal Home.

“He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life” (John 3:36)