VIDEO: Easter Conference Hymn Selection (2015-2019) – Part 2

VIDEO: Easter Conference Hymn Selection (2015-2019) – Part 2

Easter Conference Hymn Selections (Part 2)

14 more hymns from our annual Easter Conference meetings selected from the years 2015-2019.

Hymns included are:

  • There is a land of pure delight (Never thirst again)
  • I know not when but this I know (I shall see his face)
  • My Redeemer O what beauties
  • God holds the key of all unknown
  • Great God of wonders (Who is a pardoning God like Thee?)
  • When I shall wake in that fair morn of morns (I shall be satisfied)
  • The perfect righteousness of God
  • My Lord has garments so wondrous fine (Out of the ivory palaces)
  • Eternal light, eternal light
  • I heard the voice of Jesus say
  • And is it so we shall be like Thy Son?
  • O the deep deep love of Jesus
  • It may be at morn (Christ returneth)
  • There is coming a day (What a day that will be)

Running time: 42.59 min