VIDEO – Peter Orasuk’s Life Story (58 min)

VIDEO – Peter Orasuk’s Life Story (58 min)

On 20th November 1998, Peter Orasuk (1948-2005) told his life story in Stark Road Gospel Hall, in Livonia, Michigan, USA. 22 years later, the video of it has become available and we are delighted to be able to share it here, with kind permission.

Raised in a strict home and taught traditional values as a child, Peter Orasuk got in with a rough crowd in his youth and ended up a drug addict and dealer, eventually finding himself behind bars. His was the party lifestyle, constantly flirting with danger, always knowing his next fix could be his last. But, in 1976, though a remarkable and providential series of events, light came into Peter’s darkness. Through the gospel of Christ he was completely and miraculously delivered from all the chains that bound him. Here is his story in his own words.

Audio versions:
Peter Orasuk Life Story Part 1
Peter Orasuk Life Story Part 2

Photos of Peter:

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