'bible' Tagged Posts

'bible' Tagged Posts

Chart of Bible Weights and Measures by Phil Coulson

A great chart from Phil Coulson bringing the Bible’s weights and measures into current numbers by converting them into litres,  pints, gallons, grams, kilos, inches and millimetres. CLICK HERE TO VIEW, DOWNLOAD OR SHARE A PDF OF PHIL COULSON’S CHART OF BIBLE WEIGHTS AND MEASURES

“The Outlined Bible” by Robert Lee

In The Outlined Bible, Robert Lee devotes one page to each of the 66 books of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, and gives an outline of each book, noting key themes and words and giving the necessary background information about the author, the audience and the purpose in writing. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD, READ OR SHARE A PDF OF THE OUTLINED BIBLE BY ROBERT LEE

John Grant’s Complete Set of 96 Bible Charts

Click here for a set of 96 highly recommended outlines and charts by John Grant. Mr Grant was editor of the Believer’s Magazine from 1999 to 2015. These charts originally appeared in the centre of the BM over a number of years and include outlines of all 66 books of the Bible.  

Few Sophisticated People Believe the Bible – Here’s Why

Psychologist, author and Harvard professor Steven Pinker is one of the world’s leading atheists. In his book, Enlightenment Now (Penguin, 2018), he says: “Few sophisticated people today profess a belief in heaven and hell, the literal truth of the Bible, or a God who flouts the laws of physics.” Pinker is undoubtedly correct, and I say that as a person who believes in heaven and hell, in the literal truth of the Bible and in the miracles recorded in Scripture. Stung…